Streamcent Announced As The Official Streaming Platform For The AKO Show

The AFRICAN KNOCKOUT team is glad to announce StreamCent as a gold sponsor and official streaming platform for the show. The AKO Show is a reality TV show with a total of 8 episodes and 24 highlights with a final live event on Sunday, December 27, 2020, at Landmark Centre, Lagos. The first episode of The AKO Show will air on Sunday, November 1, 2020 on Super Sport Action and live streamed on streamcent.

StreamCent is Africa’s foremost on-demand sports and entertainment streaming service. StreamCent is quick and easy to set up with access to affordable content on any smartphone device.  Entertainment lovers can watch their favorite sports, and entertainment shows all in one place. The StreamCent app is available on the IOS and Android app stores.  

“Our decision to support The AFRICAN KNOCKOUT was born out of our deep commitment to the sport industry’s growth and to significantly contribute to our GDP. Currently, sports contribute less than 1% to our GDP, which is abysmal compared to 3% of the US economy, which is $14.3billion and £39billion in the UK. Also, it allows us to support grass root development and youth engagement,” StreamCent’s management explained.

The production of the show will be filmed at Landmark Towers. The AKO Show will be 50% sports and 50% entertainment-based content. There will be 2 teams of 7 fighters each; the fighters will be trained by professional MMA coaches. They will also live and interact with each other. The show will feature visits from celebrities, rigorous training sessions, fun challenges, and personal drama.

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