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AFRICAN KNOCKOUT (AKO) is the first reality show exclusively focused on highlighting MMA talents across Africa. Over the span of 9 weeks, 14 amateur MMA fighters will be isolated in a closed camp where they will train, fight and survive the daily pressure of camp life.

The fighters will be divided into 2 teams, each managed by a professional MMA trainer and will go through intense daily training sessions, weekly challenges and will fight their way up to become AKO champion.

As they live in the same house for 9 weeks, the fighters will need to learn how to navigate through friendships, rivalries and emotions amongst themselves.

AKO also features celebrity guests, new training techniques and a bevy of beautiful ladies who will grace AKO fighting arenas as Ring Girls, and will be in competition of their own to win a professional contract with 54 League.

The road to victory is never easy, and each of our fighters will have to go above and beyond to prove they have what it takes to be the first champion of AFRICAN KNOCKOUT.